Personalized Tactics that Will Improve Owner / Team to Visitor Relationships

Personalized Tactics that Will Improve Owner / Team to Visitor Relationships

Personalization to your cater to each individual visitor yields positive results across the board

Team Inclind | 2018-12-10

We’re taking things personally. That is, when we develop our websites, we’re taking it to the next level of personalization through geolocation, real-time personalization and device-based features that all help to increase conversions and engagement for both the client (for information gathering to use for future updates) and web visitors.

With these personalization functions, companies use the consumer data collected, i.e., buyer persona, and customer preferences to tailor a more relevant site experience in real-time. It’s reported that 74% of online consumers feel frustrated with website content that doesn’t align with their interests.

Think of each personalization tactic like the one-on-one, live attentiveness a brick-and-mortar shopkeeper or restaurant owner will show his or her “regulars,” which shows repeat customers that he or she truly knows them. And for first-time visitors, first impression personalization is even more vital, before they bid you adieu and try another store or site on for size. Web personalization is just the digitalized version of that customer service, serving the same sort of “regulars” or audience that have come to expect that sort of attention.

Companies will also benefit, with longer site visit durations, more product views, boosted site visits – and, potentially, increased purchases, which result in higher order value, revenue and conversions. These numbers add up to virtual bliss!

Additional benefits, numbers aside:

Brand building
If you personalize your website, they will come. Your customer relationships are strengthened because you can tailor more impactful messages on your site — a brand marketing dream.

Understanding Customers
The numbers and data collected paint a better picture of your customers: their personalities, demographics, buying behaviors and motivations. You can also make repeat customers feel very VIP, with special discounts and promotions on products and services based on their previous purchases.

We know personalization is nothing new in the industry, but it’s an increasing trend that we never ignored from its earliest days. If you’d like Inclind to show you how to get personal, connect with us.

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