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The Newest Pantheon Updates are catered towards keeping our clients sites running smoothly

"It’s like Christmas in July around here! Well, in our geeked-out minds, that is – and we know our clients will be singing good tidings of great joy, too. That’s because Pantheon, our web hosting partner, just launched last week its new Global CDN (Content Delivery Network) and free HTTPS package.

OK, so what do all of these acronyms mean exactly? Pantheon, which just partnered with the appropriately named Fastly, to deliver traffic across their edge cloud platform, now gives sites the ability (and agility) to run even faster, with content on the Global CDN to be delivered even closer to users.

"Because Google smiles down on sites with speed, our clients’ websites will now have an edge over competitors – and better rankings."

Our clients’ online visitors will also be smiling now that the site is faster, which means they stick around longer between clicks, i.e., engagement increases. Combo that with the fact that Pantheon also integrated Let’s Encrypt to provide HTTPS certificates automatically and free of charge to all sites on the Pantheon platform – forever – and it’s a very merry Christmas (in July).

And what does that mean by the numbers? All Pantheon hosted sites are now distributed across 36 global points of presence (POPs) and get an instant 2 times better boost in performance, at minimum.

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