Our New Cantilever Plug-In is Improving the Way Developers Use Terminus

Connecting with the developer community with our very own plugin, feels great!

Look at us, connecting with the developer community with our very own plugin! Phil Everton, a developer here at Inclind, created a plugin for Patheon’s Terminus named Cantilever, that’s able to run commands on multiple sites at the same time instead of tediously sifting through each individual site to run commands.

In other words, we’re saving developers time and stress. And time means money.

“After I had that, I cleaned up the list and ran a routine to go through and isolate all of the site names to search the live versions,” says Phil. “I could then paste that into a report for a master list without having to look up each individual site.”

Phil took the report to the next level by designing it as a Terminus plugin so developers can run the report with any command to perform tasks faster, like sorting through for a match on a site’s service level and specific framework, updating modules or sites, plus developers can run any other command on every environment that matches.

“That way, five different people aren’t running the same commands on hundreds of sites,” he says. Stay tuned for a refined second version of the plugin, which Phil has in the works for the future.

Can we get a high-five on that?

Check out the full tutorial on Inclind’s Cantilever plugin for Terminus on GitHub. and check out Phil's Cantilever Tutorial.

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