How our agency, times two, helped Aloft’s new branding take flight on a tight deadline

Aloft AeroArchitects new site took-off right in time for the New Year

We recently partnered with the Mechanica Agency out of Newburyport, Mass., to help rebrand a company right here in our coastal Delaware neighborhood. And we couldn’t be prouder of the team collaboration and the expert speed it took to get the job done in a time crunch of three weeks.

The sky was the limit with this new website. We were on board every fast-paced step of the way with PATS Aircraft Systems, based at the Delaware Coastal Airport in Georgetown, Del, as they transitioned into the brand identity of Aloft AeroArchitects. After a detailed Market Rebranding study, PATS had decided it was best to go by a new name to more closely align with its innovative products and services. The term “Aloft” alludes to not only the aerospace industry, but their clients’ “lofty” expectations and what the VIP aircraft supplier delivers on every project – from installing a head of state interior project to purchasing single Hollingsead International avionics trays or contracting an STC certification project to a line of 737NG, 757, 757 and CRJ200s from the U.S to Asia and Europe. It’s a reputation PATS established more than 40 years ago – and now one that travels worldwide, so not a project to be handed over to just anyone.

And we were happy to be an entrusted agency, along with Mechanica, for the challenge. Nick Bumgarner, on front end development, says the biggest priority was the timeline. Mechanica worked with PATS for a few months to put together an entire branding guideline (specific logo specifications, color specifications and other graphical treatments) for Aloft AeroArchitects, as well as a website design for us to work from. We then had to build the website from the ground up via the Drupal platform and test the site in three weeks.

“Because of time restrictions from the start, we didn’t have finalized designs and hardly any content,” says Nick Bumgarner. “But we worked directly with Mechanica on a day-to-day basis to review the current state of the new website and define any limitations of the new website.”

It was this streamlined communication and teamwork, along with a constant flow of content, imagery, designs and feedback throughout the entire project that ensured we all made deadline.

“We completed the website just in time for a large conference at which the former PATs unveiled their new branding and name,” says Nick Bumgarner.

Shaun Tyndall, our fearless Inclind leader, couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the collaboration, including Mechanica’s similar work ethic and quality control.

“We loved working with Mechanica and PATS on strategy and development,” says Shaun. “It was like a relay race of agile sprints to create a continuous improvement loop until the site was deployed for the public to see.”

As a result of pooling our talents with Team Mechanica, we were able to not only time travel, but also execute the visual design into a robust content management system with multi-lingual opportunities, all with a rapid approach through to launch time. It’s one that will grow with Aloft as they do globally.

Take a seat and travel to the Aloft AeroArchitects site to check out all the mechanics for yourself at: www.aloftaeroarchitects.com.

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