Going the Distance at Delaware Innovation Week 2016

Going the Distance at Delaware Innovation Week 2016

Inclind impresses at yearly Delaware Innovation Event in Wilmington

Shaun Tyndall | 2016-11-11

Because a day just isn’t enough for all of this superhuman brainpower, the first state (that’s Delaware, for our tourists) brings it in for a weeklong huddle, geek style, during Delaware Innovation Week in Wilmington, Del, Nov. 11-19. And two of our very own were there to represent team Inclind. #DIW16

“This is the second year for this event, and it was encouraging to see an increase in turnout of speakers and attendance,” says Bryan Cordrey, Drupal engineer for Inclind. “It was also great to hear some presentations that were similar to issues we’ve tackled here at Inclind.”

Shortly before happy hour, at Delaware Technical Community College, Cordrey and front-end Drupal developer Nick Bumgarner, served up their own shots of what we do every day here at Inclind with their talk entitled “Going the distance, giving 100% and other clichés: Bringing it all together to create valuable experiences.”

Let’s face it, clichés are clichés because they’re repeated over generations. They’re repeated until they morph into mantras that have been proven true. Which is why these clichés work with the successful work we presented, like Gallo Realty.

[Click here for the full story on how our hard work paid off for Gallo Realty.]

When rental and home realty agency Gallo wanted to improve the user experience of their site, increase the speed and bump up the SEO value, we stepped in – and stepped up to the challenges – which included:

1. Migrate existing content and data
2. Optimize data storage
3. Increase site conversions ratio
4. Refresh web site aesthetic
5. Short timeline (as always)

The results, as we shared with fellow developers, from our team “going the distance” was much more than a collective high-five. We amped up the content to appear sooner and in more places for the user, sped up the overall UX on the site and provided an easier way to browse real estate listings on the map. Pageviews increased by more than 100% and mobile pages per session by 97%. That’s quite a 180.

“This was a great opportunity to share some of the challenges we face on daily basis,” says Bumgarner. “I think we were able to demonstrate how some of the finer details can really make or break your site. Hopefully, developers will put more thought into how people use their products when designing their clients’ solutions.”

More thought travels more distance – and full steam ahead – for our clients, which is what we were proud to share at this year’s Delaware Innovation Week. For more info on the event, visit: http://2016.delawareinnovationweek.com/

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