Geolocation Shortens the Distance Between a Positive and Negative Web Experience

Location, Location, Location! Whether an in physical or digital location, it still matters

Location, location, location. It’s the old adage that’s the key to success in business, and the same goes as a key to success with website personalization.

The geolocation factor is a major one. With it working behind the scenes of your website, you can basically target more meaningful, relevant messages, content or product recommendations based on your visitors’ home bases, so they don’t have to scroll and sift through useless information that doesn’t apply to them. In turn, you, the website owner, can then research and learn what each user is interested in and where they’re located, so it’s a win-win in convenience, bookings (for travel sites), click-throughs and overall experience!

And, for E-Commerce Websites, you are really helping to break down the walls between the digital shopping and physical retail worlds by being able to do things like showing online the inventory available at your local retail location for in-store purchases.

Focal clustering provides detailed info that goes beyond just where a consumer is physically located, but also where they’re looking.

Here’s how:

Geo-targeted messages
You can create personalized geo-targeted website messages, like invites to events taking place near your users, plus share targeted contact info and shipping info, directions and maps. It’s harder to get customers to attend events than you may think, but with geo-targeted ads, it’s easier than ever to get customers nearby through your doors.

Geo-targeted product recommendations
Customize special offers or discounts based on your visitor’s location. Because of predictive analytics algorithms, website owners can forecast a consumer’s location and send an offer based on their routines and shopping trends and demonstrated behavior. Not only that, but these algorithms will assign each visitor to a group of visitors with similar preferences and create decision trees that will lead to an individual conversion. Further filters can either include or exclude certain elements, which will tweak the results of these algorithms.

Geo-targeted content
Your geo-targeted content could focus on certain apparel that’s in season based on where your visitors live or potential preparedness information your users need in specific regions of the United States, such as flood insurance in hurricane zones.

Here’s how we’ve used geo-targeting personalization for a few of our clients:

Peninsula Regional Health System
This client’s mobile-friendly redesign implemented the mobile Wayfinder tool, which allowed visitors to find the closest lab, pharmacy or doctor’s office based on their location anywhere outside the hospital.

Dover Federal Credit Union
Bank customers can conveniently search for a branch location that’s nearest to where they’re located.

Service Today
The reviews and advertisements on the site for this heating/cooling/plumbing/electrical service company are decided by what state and county each user is located in.

Are you ready for geolocation? If you’d like Inclind to put the “go” in geolocation for your website, contact us today.

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