Following ADA Compliance Standards to Update Site

At Inclind, we always want to ensure that our customers and visitors can share an exceptional digital experience. A significant part of this is adhering to ADA Compliance Standards that are put in place to protect those who may have disabilities or difficulties related to navigating or viewing a website. With that in mind, inclusion is undoubtedly something that is always very important to us. Additionally, as websites get updated over time, some original items put in place can be overwritten, which may cause issues down the road. Therefore, all clients need to consider checking in on their ADA Compliance regularly. 

To identify potential ADA compliance issues, Inclind uses its own ADA Compliance Test, which scans the whole site and produces a detailed Spreadsheet that indicates not only what pages or elements are non-compliant but also which item is not compliant. Our Developers review this list to group these issues by type, as most of the time, one global fix can affect many different instances. In TidalHealth's Case, we worked with the Client to delegate what could be handled by their staff and what would be needed by us (to cut down on potential costs for the Client!). Once this was defined, our Team worked hard to make changes and updates with our Client's Brand and Voice in mind, yielding a collaborative and successful Day Hike Project. As a result, their site is now up-to-date and running great!

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