"Fite Like a Winner" was Inclind's Attitude While Working with Fite Group to Optimize Real Estate Listings

"Fite Like a Winner" was Inclind's Attitude While Working with Fite Group to Optimize Real Estate Listings

The Fite Group called on us to make the search for luxury real estate listings easy. And we came out swinging.

Team Inclind | 2016-09-06

The first rule of The Fite Group, when searching for luxury homes, is to have five-star, user-friendly accessibility on the website. In other words, it shouldn’t be a fight.

And to make that happen, The Fite Group Luxury Homes out of Palm Beach, Fla., turned to our expert development team here in Delaware at Inclind, where we not only know how to build websites, but also bigger-than-life digital marketing campaigns that will turn business around in the right direction.

Our goal was to manufacture lead generation for the Fite Group – and that meant developing a responsive, easy-to-manage, magnet-like website for all of their properties.

Easier said than done. But not for our team. We pulled in more than 300 exclusive multi-million-dollar properties that also connected to nearly 25,000 affiliated rentals, land and additional brokerages. On top of that more streamlined feature, potential homebuyers can now search and sift through even more details, such as a Communities page, which lists stats like the average list price and amount of time listings in a particular area stay on the market; a favorites bookmark for the homes they want to revisit; and a concise mapping tool that shows where each property is located in proximity to each website visitor’s location.

Streamlined speed, finesse and efficiency fused perfectly with The Fite Group’s new identity and rebranding this year; one of Palm Beach’s largest independently owned real estate agencies.

Just as Fite became a natural name recognition for the firm, David Fite also wanted their business model to be focused on the client, like fellow locals, rather than the impersonal buffers and layers of a corporate franchise – even with a whopping 100 real estate agents.

The crew at Inclind happily aligned with The Fite Group’s mission, refining its digital marketing presence by generating leads and creating an overall better user experience via a faster real estate search process. Our developers tackled the data in each and every MLS data field like champs, adding open houses, upgrading the modules to pull in property images and videos, and intensifying the mapping feature to include mobile devices in which you could search by proximity of your current location.

All of these upgrades resulted in complete client satisfaction, which was a definite high-five for us – especially when this was our first real estate client located outside the Delmarva area, in the Sunshine State.

“We relied heavily on the client’s knowledge of the area,” says Bryan Cordrey, Drupal engineer at Inclind. “We also created a Slack Channel with their Drupal graphics team, so we could continuously communicate, get feedback and collaborate. It was like holding a daily meeting, with 24/7 transparency.”

Designed by Inclind’s Amy Wood using Sketch, has successfully launched, but continues to be closely monitored.

Which is always our rule: to somehow improve on a win. Because there’s always room for improvement.

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