Everyone Likes Personalized Experiences, Here's Some Advice on Your Device

Nowadays, our digital lives aren’t defined simply by one device. It’s the complex norm to be multi-connected and non-restricted (to just that one)

Want to find out how to tailor your site content to the device your visitors have their hands on?

Nowadays, our digital lives aren’t defined simply by one device. It’s the complex norm to be multi-connected and non-restricted (to just that one).

If we’re mobile, we’re on our smartphone or tablet; if we’re at work or home, we’re usually logging onto our laptop or desktop. But, no matter the device, it’s still the same fingers doing the browsing, which is why your website content needs to be personalized to streamline it all – and adjust, accordingly.

The Basics of Device Personalization
Like all forms of content personalization, customizing content per each visitor’s devices will make them feel special and, therefore, spark the start of a long-lasting relationship. Makes you all warm and fuzzy already, right? Visitors will connect more closely with this deeper experience, rather than a universal one.

Keep in mind that device personalization goes beyond the concept of responsive design, which focuses on reformatting the layout of a website to adjust from a laptop to a mobile device, tablet, etc. Device personalization, however, creates an entirely tailored experience for each device. Going device-personalized comes in the form of optimizing multiple homepage and landing page versions to target either desktop or mobile (Android versus iOS) website visitor segments, as well as relevant CTAs, display ads and messages that will provide users with the kind of content that best suits their needs, wants and expectations. Give visitors an even more personal experience, with personalized headlines/subheads, callouts, hero image, pop-up messages and notifications, testimonials, banners and more.

Why Implement Device-Based Personalization?
For website owners, the biggest benefit of device personalization is the mega-improvement in the quality and target of their leads. Meaning, each of your visitors will now know what you have to offer them, specifically not generically, and increased conversion rates will follow.

If that doesn’t speak to you, we’ll let the numbers talk: 66% of consumers use multiple devices during each buying cycle, according to research from MyBuys. And Google reports that 57% of visitors won’t recommend a business with a badly designed mobile website. The importance of delivering relevant, personalized digital experience to your consumers, depending on what type of device they’re using, is imperative.

How Does Device Personalization Work?
Because we know that the ways consumers view and engage with content varies depending on the device they have in-hand, website owners can take advantage of that valuable information by creating personalized content, such as:

Call to Actions (CTAs)
Tweaking action words in your CTA based on a user’s device type could be more profitable for your business. For example, the UK-based charity Marie Curie increased donations when they found that mobile users were more likely to donate to their organization by text, while desktop users donated online.

Design & Layout
Whether this applies to distinctly different landing pages or home pages, the personalized design and layout of content (headlines, copy, visuals) should make a strong impact on each device user. For example the NFL made its website more mobile-friendly by enlarging the navigation for an easier search experience, eliminating the annoying process of pinching and scrolling.

Content Presentation
When you pare down content to show only the info that will be of interest to either a mobile or laptop user, conversion rates and sales increase — and so does the speed of the site. Netflix and Amazon are great examples of device personalization done right, presenting visitors the convenience of information they want or may like automatically, rather than forcing them to navigate through endless menus or search results.

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