Drupal 9 + Next.JS Solutions for Multiple Sites

Creating a Bridge Between Drupal 9 & Next.JS for Community Websites Resulting in Better Management

Drupal 9 certainly has a lot to offer as a CMS. New features and updates are rolled out frequently to allow for a better and more efficient back-end administrator experience, which goes hand in hand with the endless options made evident on the Front-End to improve User Experience. When you couple this CMS with Next.JS, you are talking about a tech-savvy solution with excellent performance, appearance, stability, and security. We wanted to accomplish this when working with Tunnell Companies on their Baywood Greens & Pot-Nets Website Redesigns. 

Inclind always wants to identify and use up-to-date and modern practices to deliver our clients the best digital experience based on their goals, budget, and other factors. Regardless of the timeline or money available, we will always suggest the option that is closely aligned with your Goals and Vision based on our expertise. Both sites involve Real Estate Listings, Community-based Listings, Amenities, and more, so it was important to suggest a solution that would accurately depict listing integrations without affecting the website's speed. The Drupal + Next.JS Approach also allows Content Managers to be more hands-off, and when they are prompted to add or edit items on the site, it is much more straightforward (cutting down the amount of overall time that needs to be spent making these updates).

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