Driving Home Pyramid Transport's Digital Presence & User Experience

Driving Home Pyramid Transport's Digital Presence & User Experience

Inclind helped Pyramid Transport reach their target audience and get them from Point A to Point B

Team Inclind | 2016-12-23

We all know in the trucking and shipping industry, there’s a Point A, and there’s a point B, which means there’s success. But what happens in between? Or, better yet, what happens before Point A even becomes a point? Get the point?

For Pyramid Transport, based in Federalsburg, Md., internal growth in their sales and marketing team was a goal to meet to better reach their target audience (shippers, carriers and potential employees) before Point A could be effectively activated. After all, the mission for the last 20 years of this licensed broker for the transportation industry has been: Deliver the Difference.

The difference, in this case, was made by our team here at Inclind, who installed a new digital marketing presence and inbound marketing solution, via HubSpot, which was then put in action to spark Pyramid’s growth effort.

“They initially contacted us because they were seeking a fresh perspective for upgrading their digital marketing efforts,” says Inclind president Shaun Tyndall. “A deciding factor was our experience in designing and developing responsive, content-managed websites, like we do for Peninsula Regional Health System, Gallo Realty and theU.S. Travel Association.

In 1993, Pyramid Transport was comprised of three friends who wanted to start a trucking business, which grew into a handful of employees, followed by 19 in 2001 and into a current roster of 35 full-time team members today. The company has always been committed to unparalleled customer service, as customers and employees continue to grow in tandem. They don’t own trucks; they rely on a network of owner-operators that sell service. The kind of service that can be trusted from start to finish.

Which is why Inclind was challenged to provide more convenient, streamlined pathways to Pyramid’s resources and information so their customer service was maintained and upheld to its highest standard, as usual.

“We also needed to consider how to explain ‘Why Pyramid?’ instead of just presenting what they do,” says Tyndall.

Kudos to the trifecta team of Inclind, HubSpot and Pyramid Transport, which seamlessly collaborated together to deliver this revamped digital presence project on time and on budget. “This project was a huge success and completed in under three months – from discovery to design to development and deployment,” says Tyndall.

It just goes to show, again, that we really do get along with others. Establishing strong relationships are a direct route to building a thriving, more successful community.

If you’d like to join us in being a team player, too, let’s chat.

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