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Close Gaps in the Customer Relationship Journey Through a Chatbot.

Close Gaps in the Customer Relationship Journey Through a Chatbot.

Inclind Writer | 2022-08-17

Chatbots are a great way to provide customer service on your website and make it easier for customers with immediate needs. As a result, customers are more likely to return to the site, giving them an easy and frictionless experience. 

Our partners at U.S. Travel Association tapped the Inclind team to help integrate an A.I. chatbot for their upcoming inbound travel trade show site International and domestic travel buyers and journalists representing more than 70 countries attend IPW, which showcases U.S. travel products and destinations. Exhibitors, buyers, journalists, and delegates to attendees visit this site repeatedly for information about the event. Integrating an AI-powered chatbot made perfect sense to help users facilitate seamless live communication while offering a smoother customer journey. 

42Chat, a world leader in artificial intelligence chatbots for events comparable to U.S. Travel's IPW trade show, worked with the IPW staff, providing a form containing questions that would help determine pre-canned answers and scraping for content to offer better A.I. responses. Once ready, Inclind then integrated the chatbot where end-users can type a question, and the chatbot responds with its best guess of an answer based on the data collected. 

Collaboration between vendors helps customers connect the dots between problem and solution smoothly without getting distracted from producing a successful event. 

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