The 21 Best Real Estate Website Designs

Like many industries, real estate has shifted to conducting a lot of business online. Even before contacting a realtor, many consumers will scroll through real estate websites to find out what is available or simply to browse. Having a stand-out real estate website—ideally one that is easy to use - can help turn casual browsers into clients. 

Real estate websites are a crucial source of leads for agencies. A well-designed website should include photos and videos of listings, be eye-catching, and convince visitors that your agency is the best choice. We have put together a list of the 21 best real estate website designs to help you decide how you want your own site to look and work. 

Based in Delaware, Inclind offers website development, design, maintenance and support services to clients throughout the United States. We have specific experience building real estate websites, which we utilize to help our clients develop beautifully designed, highly effective websites. We know that real estate websites are the starting point for many transactions, which is why we collaborate with our clients to design and build sites that meet their needs. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us to speak with a member of our team. 

What Should a Real Estate Website Include? 

If you run a real estate agency, you know that having a website is a necessity - not an option. Current and prospective clients want to browse listings and share them with friends and family. A website is also an effective way to market properties and spread the word about listings. 

Of course, there is a difference between having a website and having a good website from both design and functionality perspectives. Ideally, a real estate website should have the following features: 

  1. Easy to navigate, with a menu bar and search function for visitors to find exactly what they need without having to go to the site map. Remember: if potential clients get frustrated by your website, it reduces the likelihood that they will retain your services. 
  2. Advanced search functions so that users can narrow down their searches based on their specific criteria beyond budget, neighborhood, or number of bedrooms. Examples may include an option for ranch-style homes, luxury features, off-street parking, and acreage or lot size. 
  3. Community and neighborhood guides are particularly important for buyers who are not from the area. 
  4. Photographs and videos to help clients narrow down which properties they want to see in person. 
  5. Contact forms for users to get in touch with your agency or to get on a mailing list. 
  6. Mobile-compatible design so that the website looks good whether viewed on a computer, tablet, or phone. 
  7. Search engine optimization (SEO), particularly for your local area, so that people who google “houses for sale near X” will see your real estate brokerage’s website at the top of the search results 
  8. Accessible features, such as high contrast font, so that visitors with disabilities can use the website. 

There are many other features that you may consider adding, such as the ability to translate the website into different languages. The award-winning website design and developmentteam at Inclind can help you decide what functions you’d like your real estate website to have - and then bring it to life with a beautiful, responsive design. 

Top 21 Real Estate Website Designs 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your real estate website, look no further. These 21 websites are great examples of the different ways that you can make your site shine. 

Eaton Realty 

We’re proud to call this design one of our own. We worked with the Tampa area real estate agency, Eaton Realty, to create a modern and intuitive new look for their site. Right off the bat, you can click “start my journey” to be taken to a page with a card for each menu option, including buying, selling, renting, property management, and careers. It also includes neighborhood guides that are easily accessible through the menu at the top right of the screen. 

The Jills Zeder Group 

Miami-based realtor The Jills Zeder Group specializes in luxury listings, and its website reflects that fact. The homepage features full-screen scrolling photos of high-end properties in Miami. As you scroll down, there are exclusive listings in a grid with gorgeous photos of the properties. 

Saslove & Warwick 

There is no mistaking where Saslove & Warwick operates - its homepage features incredible videos from ski paradise Aspen, Colorado. This stylish website also features an accessibility button on the bottom right of the screen, which lets visitors make adjustments to the website based on their disabilities. Navigation is easy with a menu bar across the top of the screen. 

The Coley Group 

Based in Raleigh, The Coley Group makes it as easy for potential buyers or sellers to get in contact with them. In addition to a pop-up that encourages users to text them, there is a prominent button at the top of the screen: “call/text us.” This can help move people from website browsers to clients - which can increase business. 

Aaron Kirman 

Many real estate agents are well-known in their communities and use their own pictures on billboards and for sale signs. Los Angeles-based realtor Aaron Kirman takes advantage of this reality with a website that features a sleek black-and-white color scheme with his picture and name. As you scroll, beautiful pictures of luxury homes appear, inviting users to click and learn more. 

Iconic House 

Iconic House is a British luxury house rental company - like an upscale Airbnb. The Iconic House website shows off some of its vacation experiences with videos taking center stage. At the top right, a button allows users to set their preferred language - a particularly good move for a company that likely serves clients from around the world! 

The Eklund Gomes Team 

The Eklund Gomes​ Team is a New York-based brokerage. It makes smart use of its logo, which is used throughout the website. The navigation is simple, with a menu bar across the top. Given its international clientele, the real estate group also smartly put an option to change the currency and units of measure at the top of the screen (“global settings”). 

Sage Homes 

Sage Homes is a British company with a mission to provide affordable housing. Its website is designed to make it as easy as possible for residents to manage their rental or shared ownership home. It also features content about its work, complete with pictures of residents. 

Park Group Real Estate 

Park Group Real Estate is a California-based realtor. The website is a great example of how simplicity can be incredibly effective. It features a prominent photo of its main agent, along with a short, friendly introduction. A bright red button at the top exhorts users to start the process - a great way to get visitors to act. 

Sharlene Chang 

Los Angeles is all about style - something that realtor Sharlene Chang recognizes with her website. Making smart use of a stylized logo and the brand’s fuschia color, visitors will be impressed by how beautiful this website is. It is also easy to navigate, with a drop-down menu bar and a full pop-out menu at the top. 

Ryan Serhant 

Ryan Serhant isn’t just a real estate agent - he is also featured on multiple real estate shows. His brokerage website reflects the fact that he does more than sell homes, with his “S.” logo featured throughout - including in a video on the right side of the screen. Users can find exactly what they’re looking for along the top of the screen, including a link to his location-specific real estate websites. 

Oyler Hines 

When buying or selling a home, chances are that you will spend a lot of time with your real estate agent. One of the things that we love about the Oyler Hines website is that it recognizes that fact - and takes a friendly approach with fun colors and casual language. There is also a search bar right in the center of the screen that lets visitors find exactly what they are looking for quickly. 

Speicher Group 

Many people feel intimidated by the process in difficult real estate markets like the DC area. The Speicher Group tackles that issue head-on with bold language, proclaiming that anyone can be successful in any market. The website feels inspirational, including a link at the top to “client love,” which takes you to a page that encourages users to pursue their real estate dreams. 

The Joe Taylor Group 

The Joe Taylor Group is another real estate agency that recognizes that buying a house in certain markets can be really tough. They address the issue head-on with bold white text over a picture of their primary agents. Directly underneath, users can click on a tab to search based on whether they want to buy, sell, or finance a home. 


Purplebricks (formally Strike) is a British company that takes a novel approach to selling homes. It doesn’t charge a commission and instead makes money through optional extras. Its website focuses on this point, appealing to potential customers to book a valuation or learn more about its services. 

Tim Allen 

Northern California realtor Tim Allen sells high-end homes in Pebble Beach and Carmel. Given the gorgeous scenery, the website unsurprisingly features aerial shots of the region. There is also an accessibility button at the bottom as well as a menu bar and pop-out menu for easy navigation. 

Home Sweet Heidi 

Home Sweet Heidi doesn’t just have a cute, memorable website - it has a site to match! Its website focuses on what buying a house is really about - finding a home. The website isn’t busy or cluttered and includes links at the top to the company’s social media and email. 


Real estate shopping isn’t just about finding a home. Squarefoot focuses on commercial office space and real estate to rent. Its website makes its mission clear and makes good use of white space to allow visitors to focus on the work that it does, while brightly colored buttons aid in navigation. 

Carter + Co 

Carter + Co helps businesses find commercial real estate to rent. Its website is unusual in that it does not feature photos of listings - it is a solid sage green color with bold black font explaining exactly what they do. As you scroll, you will see photos and videos - but the main site draws your attention with its simplicity. 

Keri White Team 

Los Angeles-based realtor Keri White Team knows that its city is iconic. Its website uses video of the area as its main homepage feature. Text overlays these videos, including a button to schedule a consultation. The menu bar at the top allows users to go directly to the page that they want to visit. 

Sandro Dazzan 

If your real estate company sells homes in a place like Malibu, it would almost be silly to not make those homes - and that scenery - prominent on your website. Like a lot of California realtors, Sandro Dazzan uses videos of Malibu on its website. What makes this company’s website smart is the ability to search properties or explore neighborhoods right from the center of the home page. 

Build a Smart Real Estate Website with Inclind 

A real estate website shouldn’t just be a collection of listings. It should be informative and engaging and tell a story about your agency. A good website should also include functions that make sense for your brokerage, like the ability to translate the content into different languages or to make the site accessible. 

Inclind offers a range of high-quality website design and development services to real estate agencies and other businesses. Our services include website design and redesign, conversion optimization, automation, custom integrations, accessibility audits, and support and maintenance. We know that websites are incredibly important to our clients, which is why we bring both our technical know-how and creativity to each project. 

We are here to talk if you want to learn more about the different ways that your real estate website can look and work. Fill out our online contact form or hit the live chat button to chat with one of our team members about your real estate website.

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