Assisting in Strengthening Donation Performance with OptInMonster media

Assisting in Strengthening Donation Performance with OptInMonster

Assisting in Strengthening Donation Performance with OptInMonster

Utilizing OptInMonster to Engage Visitors in a User-Friendly Manner to Bring Attention to Donations

Inclind Writer | 2022-07-15

In any Non-Profit Organization, there are two main factors in sustainability and growth as time passes. The first is the importance of gaining an audience that not only enjoys and appreciates the work you are putting forth towards a particular cause and, of course, creating a community that supports your organization on another level by contributing time and donations towards the success of your reach. While many options are being used to identify opportunities to Donate to a cause, Inclind was approached to think of something that would work well with the current website and gather data on Conversions. After much research and consideration, Inclind chose to use OptInMonster to assist American Immigration Councils with Data Tracking & Donation Gathering. 

This collaborative effort involved the Team at Inclind and AIC to identify specific triggers or use-cases where a User would be prompted to engage with a Call to Action, ultimately leading to an opportunity to Donate. OptInMonster has a lot of nifty features that allow for there to be certain constraints and instances or "rules" to avoid being too invasive. For example, since no one likes constant pressure or pop-ups while navigating a website, we found ways to make this tool more user-friendly. Not only were we able to expand on this but also customize the types of Calls to Actions that would appear and how they were designed, which gave this Third-Party Integration a look and feel that reflected American Immigration Councils as a brand. Over time, we saw lots of positive results, and AIC was thrilled to be able to expand on programs based on their community's contributions. 

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