American Councils for International Education Gets a Newly Themed Drupal Site

American Councils for International Education Gets a Newly Themed Drupal Site

Creating a immersive experience for an International Visitors

Team Inclind | 2018-06-27

American Councils for International Education works with nations and global institutions on cultural exchange, language training and professional development. The organization’s vision is to help to build a world of globally competent citizens, successful institutions and responsible nations.

When it was time to refresh and rearchitect their Drupal 7 website, American Councils looked to ThreeSpot, an independent digital agency committed to working with organizations dedicated to helping others. ThreeSpot called on Inclind to be their Drupal development partner in this project.

The result is a re-themed website boasting a modern look with an emphasis on programs and regions served. The new website is built on Drupal 8.5 which utilizing the new layout builder - allowing for flexible page layouts in various configurations. The very day the layout builder was released, it was leveraged for this project. And, to further expand the layout builder concept, Inclind built custom layouts that can be easily executed to create stunning page layout configurations.

Content from the old site was then seamlessly migrated over to the new website so that minimal manual work was required in getting valuable existing content into the new format.

Lastly, this website uses the power of Apache Solr for searches that returns results lightning-fast and allows for efficient filtering of results.

Congrats to American Councils for International Education for launch of their new Drupal new website. Check it out »

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