The 15 Best Credit Union Website Design Examples

Credit unions play a vital role in communities throughout the United States. Given their smaller size, they often provide more personalized service to clients. Many credit unions also offer special deals for people based on things like their military status or profession.

While credit unions are typically smaller than major national or international banks, they still need smart, functional websites. A good credit union website should be secure, well-designed, and easy to use. We have rounded up a list of 15 great credit union website design examples to inspire you as you begin the process of designing or redesigning your site.

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What to Include on a Credit Union Website

In 2023, customers expect that their banks will have a website - even if that bank is a small community credit union. While many credit unions aren’t as big as major national banks (and don’t have the same budget!), they can still create a functional, secure site to serve their customers’ needs.

So, what should your credit union website include? Here are a fewkey elements that should be included:

  • Online banking access that is secure and easy to access. Customers should be able to check their balance, make transactions, and more from your site.
  • Customer service options so that visitors to the site can get the help that they need. At the same time, there should be an easy way for people to reach out with questions about specific products and services, such as sending an inquiry about a home equity line of credit.
  • A design that is optimized for mobile so that it works well on tablets, phones, and computers. This is critical for any website, given that so many people access the internet via smartphones or tablets - not on a desktop or laptop.
  • Accessible content so that customers with disabilities can use the site. Building an accessible website may seem daunting, but it can be as simple as taking steps like using high-contrast colors and including alt text for photos and images.
  • Great user experience (UX) design so that the website is easy to use for anyone. This includes everything from having a navigation menu at the top to buttons that take people to popular pages (such as “login” buttons).

A skilled website design and development team can help you build an effective, functional credit union website, taking into account the necessities like cybersecurity and search engine optimization (SEO), as well as added features such as language translation.

Best Credit Union Website Design Examples

Now that you have an understanding of what your credit union website should include, the next step is trying to figure out how you want your site to look and function. Our list of top-tier credit union websites is a great place to start. Read on to learn more from these examples of great credit union website design.

America First Credit Union

America First Credit Union has a great blue, white, and orange theme that is reflected on its homepage. The blue banner at the top of each page lets customers easily find what they are looking for a loan, a credit card, or various account types. A scrolling gallery provides info on the latest promotions.

Beside this gallery is a large login prompt that pops out and is easy to see. Below, simple graphics offer more ways to access the information you want.

Embers Credit Union

The Embers Credit Union website does a great job of keeping it simple, with easy-to-access features and clear branding. The homepage uses Embers’ brand color to great effect, with the added bonus that it serves as a great contrast to the white text on the page.

The dropdown menu across the top of the page, contact, and login buttons allow visitors to find exactly what they are looking for when they come to the site. To draw customer interest, a scrolling gallery also features top news, such as great interest rates.

Coastal Credit Union

The Coastal Credit Union makes great use of its signature color, green. Right on the home screen, there are three bold white boxes that overlay an image. Each box has a green graphic, text describing one of the bank’s features, and a green button encouraging customers to find out more.

The navigation bar at the top of the site features pull-down menus for various options, such as articles on financial well-being. Below are bold options for the information that customers may need the most, such as checking and credit cards, loans, and a login button.

University Credit Union

The University Credit Union site features a clean design with the bank’s signature red, white, and blue colors (with a touch of green).  Right from the start, users can access their account with an easily distinguishable login button at the top right of the screen. Also, along the top of the screen, visitors can click on the red text to go to the most common destinations. Customers can also access more options by clicking on the links at the top.

This website also makes great use of the scrolling gallery. It highlights special offers from the credit union by using both red and blue text.


Based in Idaho, P1FCU makes great use of the gorgeous mountains of the state. Its website features a beautiful photo of the mountains in the fog, placing its logo - with a mountain range - right in the center. The website is spare and uncluttered, which makes it visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Right at the top, there are large buttons to open an account, login, and search. There is also an easy-to-spot chatbot to get instant access to help if you have a question.

Andrews Federal Credit Union

Andrews Federal Credit Union makes good use of complementary blue colors for its attractive website. The main navigation bar uses a navy blue with white text, a lighter blue login button, and then a pop of orange for the “join now” link. Above, a lighter blue bar provides important information.

The same orange color is used in the text for auto loan promotions, making the words pop against the white background. It is repeated in graphics below the main image to direct users to various sections of the site. This simple color scheme is highly effective and looks great.

St. Jean’s Credit Union

St. Jean’s Credit Union is a good example of how accessibility can be built into a credit union website. Right on the home screen, there is a small button with a graphic of a person. When visitors click that link, they see a number of accessibility tools, such as increasing or decreasing text size. This feature is a really outstanding way to ensure that all visitors can use the site fully.

The site also features a navigation bar with drop-down menus for each category. The online banking login is a large green button, making good use of the accent color green to draw users’ eye to this key element.

SF Fire Credit Union

The SF Fire Credit Union is clean and straightforward, with a standout red accent color. Right at the top, users can tab between personal and business banking, or go to the learning center. They can also use the navigation bar to learn more about the bank and its products and services.

The sign-in button is also easy to locate right at the top. It is next to a bold “open an account” button, which highlights a way to promote something you want to feature - like getting more people to sign up for an account - without losing a clear way for customers to log into their accounts.

Black Hills Federal Credit Union

In an era of online scams and hacks, the Black Hills Federal Credit Union website takes a proactive approach. At the top of the screen is a security reminder with specific details about a current scam and tips for how customers can protect themselves.  This feature is particularly important at a time when so many people lose significant amounts of money to fraudsters.

Beyond this warning, the site is easy to navigate. The login button is right at the top in an attractive green accent color. This same color is used for text, buttons, and blue on the scrolling gallery below.

Water & Power Community Credit Union

The Water & Power Community Credit Union website does a fantastic job of putting important information front and center. Across the top of the screen is a fraud alert that lets customers know how to avoid being scammed. Below the bar, visitors can easily access the menu, bank hours, accessibility tools, search bar, and a login button.

A short video forms the background for the site, with information on current promotions in clear white letters. The chat button is at the bottom right of this screen for easy access. Underneath, there are fun graphics for various products and services.

Citizen’s Equity

Citizens Equity Credit Union is another website that does a good job of utilizing its brand colors in the design. The green color is used for buttons at the top of the screen, while the blues differentiate between tabs for personal and business banking. The pull-down menus make it simple to find what you want.

The account login box is featured right alongside a photo with a promotion. Below the image, there are news and security updates as well as videos on important information.

IC Federal Credit Union

IC Federal Credit Union is another site that makes it easy to switch into accessibility mode. At the bottom left of the home screen, a button allows users to choose various features to ensure that they can interact with the website. At the top of the screen are two separate navigation bars, with the more popular links in a larger, bolder font.

Besides this navigation bar, visitors will find two larger buttons for making a payment or logging into their account. These buttons are set off from the background with separate colors. There is also a chat box featured prominently below the scrolling gallery.

Security Service Federal Credit Union

The Security Service Federal Credit Union is not as modern or “clean” as many credit union websites. However, it does a great job of putting all the information that customers might want on the homepage. The routing number for the bank is right at the top, along with current rates along the side and a fraud alert under the navigation bar.

There are two places where customers can log in to their accounts on this screen - from the navigation bar or using the login box with bright orange accents. The various menus make it simple to find what you need to know.

SAFE Credit Union

The SAFE Credit Union website offers a nice touch when it comes to the login button - a checkmark to let you know that your information is secure. There are also 2 places to log in - at the top of the screen and through a separate box on the left - both of which are highlighted with green accents.

Users can tab through different parts of the site along the top and access rates, chat options, locations, and more. Below, current promotions and options for joining the credit union are featured prominently alongside a photo and below the login box.

Delta Community Credit Union

Delta Community Credit Union uses a simple look to ensure that customers can find what they need to know. Instead of a scrolling gallery, there is a static photo on the home screen. Visitors can log into their accounts using the blue login box or click one of the green buttons below to contact the bank or find locations.

Graphics below the image take users to other parts of the site. There is also a clean navigation bar along the top with pull-down menus. 

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Based in Delaware, Inclind offers web development and design services to credit unions throughout the U.S. We know that our client’s customers rely on them and the functionality of their websites - which is why we take such pride in working collaboratively with our clients to create the best possible website for their needs. We offer a full range of services, including website design, site redesigns, custom integrations, and accessibility audits. 

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