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Washington's Green Grocer

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Washington's Green Grocer

Run your business with Drupal Commerce

Since 2009, Inclind and Washington’s Green Grocer have collaborated to provide the D.C. area with the most flexible grocery delivery service available. In 2014, the decision was made to upgrade their front-end and business management website. They used our extensive Drupal experience and expertise to migrate their existing content from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 and to redevelop their eCommerce business platform.


WGG's website was built around the Ubercart eCommerce framework and Drupal 6. Inclind worked with them to rebuild the site using the more robust Drupal Commerce framework and Drupal 7. They needed an especially high level of customization due to their unique door-to-door delivery business model, and they needed to manage every facet of the business through their website, from inventory control and customer support to delivery route maps.


Inclind led the charge by rebuilding WGG's site from the ground up, creating custom Drupal modules wherever the Drupal Commerce suite did not meet WGG's unique business needs. During the development process, Inclind's team of Drupal engineers took advantage of Apache Solr to implement faceted searching of the grocery catalog and constructed a tailor-made routing map to give WGG fine-tuned control over all aspects of their produce deliveries. In addition, we completely redid the graphic design and layout of the site to provide a fresh, responsive, and friendly user experience for their customers. We also provided the administrators of the site better ways to measure its success at generating goal conversions and return on investment.

Services: Data migration, Custom modules, Content management system, Responsive web design, 3rd party integration, and Information Architecture

Tags: drupal development services, web development, and ecommerce web development

Technology: Drupal, Zurb's Foundation Responsive Framework, Faceted Search API, Solr Search, Drupal Commerce, and MailChimp API

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