Consolidate multiple CMS platforms

Tunnell Companies

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Tunnell Companies

Consolidate multiple CMS platforms

Working with various incompatible systems to manage their diverse portfolio of websites had become a headache for Tunnell Companies. They came to us looking for a way to centralize their web maintenance.


When we first started working with Tunnell companies, they had a broad portfolio of websites for their various subsidiaries which had all been built and maintained using different web platforms. This hindered their web publishing workflow because they were working with a different content management system for each site. This in turn increased the amount of time and money they were putting into their marketing efforts. They needed a way to consolidate all these websites into one CMS.


We migrated these diverse sites to the Drupal platform in order to streamline their process for creating and maintaining web content. All their websites are now managed using Drupal, which means less employee training and less headache. Now, when Tunnell Companies does an advertising campaign, we coordinate with their marketing and advertising vendors (such as Borcz & Dixon) to deliver the desired website results. Tunnell Companies values our partnership because they know we will collaborate well with their existing teams.

Services: Responsive web design, Drupal Development, 3rd party integration, and Drupal training

Tags: drupal development services, web development, and delaware website design

Technology: Drupal and Wordpress

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