Make real estate and rental data systems play nicely together

Real Estate

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Real Estate

Make real estate and rental data systems play nicely together

Our location in southern Delaware has given us the opportunity to help many real estate brokerages that also provide property rentals. This has contributed to our experience and knowledge in integrating the two using Drupal.


Real Estate brokerages often run a rental property side of the business. This forces the company to use two different database systems: one designed for real estate and the other designed for property rentals. This presents them with the frustrating task of interfacing both of these systems with their website. They need to provide their website users with device-friendly experiences that have near real-time data integration between the rental and real estate data systems.


Inclind has created 4+ mobile-responsive sites for real estate and rental brokerages that feature full integration with their existing data systems. To incorporate the real estate side of the business we've sponsored dRealty, a Drupal real estate module that provides a framework to import real estate listings into Drupal via the RETS protocol. DRealty is a full fledged real estate solution for Drupal. To incorporate the property rental side of the business we have developed Drupal modules for each of the HomeAway software products.

Maggio Shields and Gallo Realty:

For these two companies, we built Drupal modules that enabled their customers to book vacation rentals online. This increased Gallo Realty's conversion rate by 700%!

Services: Content management system, Custom modules, Responsive web design, Data migration, Drupal Development, and 3rd party integration

Tags: drupal development services, drupal support services, real estate web design, and delaware website design

Technology: Drupal, dRealty, HomeAway, and RETS protocol

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