NARA Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum

NARA Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum

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NARA Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum

NARA Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum


Administered by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), The Reagan Library is the repository for millions of presidential records and personal papers from President Ronald Reagan’s administration. NARA’s Strategic Goals include connecting more effectively with their customers, but the Library’s website was both onerous to maintain by staff, and poorly met audience needs for research, education, and visit planning, among other goals. Data spanned different platforms, came in the various formats including thousands of pdfs, docx files and data stored in Microsoft Access databases and was varied in content from photo contact sheets and references to historical guides on Reagan Administration personnel, topic guides, personal papers and collections.

Threespot, an interactive, creative agency, and Inclind joined forces to redesign and redevelop the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum with the goal of connecting audiences to the Reagan Presidency and its role in American History and empowering researchers to search, browse, and discover relevant and related content.


The Drupal 8 CMS was chosen to provide content editors with the best experience in updating content. The Reagan Library website needed a robust platform to facilitate a very complicated data structure. The previous website was on Drupal so the organizations involved were already familiar with the capabilities. Another benefit is that Drupal 8 is built on modern architecture with a focus on future releases, which allows the site to exist with minor transitions in the future.

Goals Accomplished

  • Created a visually rich design system based on U.S. Web Design System (USWDS)
  • Improved search experience by utilizing Drupal 8 search technology coupled with Elasticsearch
  • Utilized a two-step process (PDF to DOCX and DOCX to HTML) for PDF conversions to web-based versions that preserve formatting and consistency
  • Defined a pattern library of reusable components using Atomic Design System’s atoms, molecules and organisms
  • Used Pattern Lab’s rapid prototyping to enable feedback early and often in the process before the design system was applied to the CMS

All of the various data formats were migrated into Drupal. Thousands of PDF files were converted into editable nodes and indexed. This makes the data more searchable and accessible for researchers and more manageable for website administrators. The result is a site that provides users straightforward access to content and educational resources alongside an easy-to-use administrative interface for Library staff.

Services: Drupal Development Services and Drupal Migration

Tags: drupal development services, and drupal migration

Technology: Drupal 8, TWIG, Pattern Lab

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