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Content Management System (CMS) LabRepCo’s website was built on a proprietary content management system which was growing cumbersome while lacking in scalability and efficiency. The new website needed to utilize an open source CMS with integrated eCommerce capabilities.

Design The front facing website design was dated and needed a refresh with a modern look and feel. Although the original website was responsive, an improvement was needed to the mobile experience to meet current demands and expectations of mobile users.

Navigation and Site Architecture With a catalog of thousands of products, the navigation on the original website was overwhelming and in need of an overhaul to improve the user experience. The goal was efficiently getting users to the products they are interested in whether by product type or supplier without a whole lot of clicks or taps.

Search A review of the original website’s analytics indicated that many users bypassed the navigation in favor of using the search bar to find what they are looking for. Making that a more prominent and intuitive feature and speeding up delivery of results would help achieve the goal of getting users to products quickly and efficiently.

Personalization Along with an improvement in overall design, pricing personalization also needed to be integrated so that contract users could see their pricing once logged in.

Optimization A key goal was to deliver a fully optimized website with a goal of improving organic reach, moving LabRepCo up in Google rankings and improving indexing of content.


After an in-depth technical discovery process, Inclind recommended a recipe of WordPress for ease-of-use and scalability, WooCommerce for seamless integration of the shopping cart and OpenSolr for faster search results.

A more robust home page with product feeds, better landing pages and an improved product navigation with streamlined sets of product categories were all features of the new launch.

Product pages reflect modern eCommerce user experiences with filtering capabilities, tabbed content to organize product information, and related products to keep the website visitors moving through the catalog.

The search bar is prominently displayed in the global header of the website and features an autocomplete of search terms along with product thumbnails to improve the search experience.

Personalization pricing is reflected once the user logs in to better serve GSA and contract clients.

The website was deployed on Pantheon to ensure optimal server response time, accessibility testing was conducted to ensure the website is WCAG 2.0 compliant — all to ensure that the website is optimized to improve rankings in search results.

Since launch, the website has been continuously monitored. Initial improvements include more page rankings on Google, a measurable increase in organic reach and an improvement in conversions have been noted.

Services: Responsive Web Design, WordPress Development, Content Management, and eCommerce

Tags: wordpress development services, optimization, and ecommerce web development

Technology: Wordpress, WooCommerce, Opensolr, Google Analytics

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