Quickly integrate with third-party APIs

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Drupal website screenshot

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Quickly integrate with third-party APIs

We’re proud to have worked with Dogfish Craft Head Brewery on site-wide integration with their accounting software and developing their relationship with customers through dynamic web applications.


Dogfish Head Craft brewery needed a way to connect their accounting system, Microsoft Dynamics, with their website. They were also looking to connect with their customer base by creating more positive user experiences on their site.


We provided Dogfish Head Craft Brewery with our expertise in integrating complex data systems with Drupal. Specifically, we created a custom Drupal module to link their website with their accounting system by synchronizing their products, orders and inventory data using the SOAP API.

Another cool feature we added to their site was the 'Fish Finder,' a handy tool that enables the user to discover where they can purchase Dogfish Head's brews based on their current location. We accomplished this by creating another custom Drupal module to allow Dogfish Head's site to interface with the Vermont Information Processing API. We also enabled them to open the lines of communication with their customer community by building a social media dashboard and integrating that throughout their site. It provides mobile-friendly, real-time social media information about their specific products and their brand itself. The end result was a convenient experience for their users.

Services: Content management system, Data migration, Drupal Development, and 3rd party integration

Tags: drupal development services, and delaware website design

Technology: Third Party Integration, Microsoft Dynamics, and SOAP API

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