Drupal dominates as a digital marketing platform

Bluewater Development Corporation

Drupal 8 Platform for Bluewater Development Corporation

Bluewater Development Corporation

Drupal dominates as a digital marketing platform

For the past 15 years, Bluewater Development Corporation has been building on its reputation along the Eastern Shore for developing property in the commercial and hospitality industries. The only problem is, as they continued to build and grow its coastal destination dynasty, they also needed to maintain the online image for a growing number of properties, plus keep things consistent and streamlined for faster, more convenient booking.


We were tasked with designing an anchoring content management system (CMS) that would more easily bind all properties owned by Bluewater Development; our starting point was a trio of websites for outdoor hospitality-based Bluewater properties at Sunsetbeachva.com, Masseyslanding.com and Maddoxfamilycampground.com. Before we got our hands on things, there was a different CMS for each site. We needed to ensure the client that, with a single set of code, overall results would ultimately include greater speed, efficiency and flexibility.

A subsequent challenge we faced with Sunset Beach and Massey’s Landing was the online booking systems. A more streamlined booking process was needed on each site to expedite and encourage an improved user engagement.


We chose to solve Bluewater’s management growing pains with Drupal 8, the answer to this client’s previous problems with limited speed, scalability and flexibility across a number of sites cluttered with technical debt. Drupal 8 is a strong, durable software platform, boasting a long life cycle, which provided the necessary toolbox to seamlessly facilitate the cloning we performed across all websites. This cloning also reduced costs for Bluewater.

To ensure a faster development timeline of the websites, our process consisted of first building the Sunset Beach site and thoroughly testing it, before cloning it to create the Massey’s and Maddox websites, which all showcased a consistent aesthetic. Success ensued.

And, since the general layout of each site is similar, we were sure to make use of SASS, allowing us to make the majority of the theme changes with only a couple of minor line changes in code.

For a more streamlined booking system, we implemented Resort Data Processing (RDP) software and designed a simple check-in block that allows people to choose their check-in and checkout dates, which easily passes that information directly onto a more efficient booking system that now includes the option of adding in discount gift cards from area restaurants.

Today, as we always do for our clients, we continue to provide a weekly website optimization and performance analysis so we can stand by Bluewater in our commitment to maintain and improve consistent, smart marketing and branding for the future. It’s one way the Inclind team acts as a trusted partner with our clients.

Services: Responsive Web Design, Drupal Development, and Content Management

Tags: drupal development services, and web development

Technology: Drupal 8, TWIG, SASS, Google Analytics, RDP

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