• Handy Seafood Launches New Drupal 8 Website

    The Handy Seafood sales force now has easy access to all sales tools, with a more organized product catalog. And customers can more easily direct questions and orders with a sales rep nearby through the newl...

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  • Drupal 8 Platform for Bluewater Development Corporation

    We chose to solve Bluewater’s management growing pains with Drupal 8, the answer to this client’s previous problems with limited speed, scalability and flexibility across a number of sites cluttered with tec...

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  • Deployment Across 10 Websites for U.S. Travel

    The U.S. Travel Association needed a team of Drupal experts to create a consistent solution across their association's 10 websites. Inclind created the required integration between Drupal and netFORUM and co...

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  • Peninsula Regional Health System Redevelopment

    Peninsula Regional Health System, the Delmarva region’s oldest healthcare institution since 1897, was in need of emergency web care, so they called on us!

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  • Drupal Redevelopment & Rebuild for Gallo Realty

    Gallo Realty, covering both real estate and rental properties in Rehoboth Beach, Lewes and Bethany Beach, is one of the top brokerage firms in southern Delaware, having sold 852 units and more than $306 mill...

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  • Drupal Redevelopment & Rebuild for Fitegroup

    The Fite Group's new identity and rebranding on fiteroup.com spawned the need to streamline a responsive Drupal 7 site, complete with a rich real estate search experience, third-party integration, and user-f...

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  • Drupal Redevelopment & Rebuild for Historic Lewes

    The tiny town of Lewes, Delaware, is a mighty hub for our nation’s history. Founded in 1631, it is the first town in the first state of the United States. When historiclewes.org needed help in organizing the...

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  • Large-Scale Drupal Migration for Erickson Living

    After first partnering with Erickson Living to successfully migrate to Drupal, we recently worked with their team again to update their website. We took on the technical, development duties, while R2integrat...

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  • Delaware Technical Community College Migration

    We helped Delaware Technical Community College migrate their massive site from Drupal 6 to 7, built custom integrations and built a nice responsive theme. Here’s how we did it.

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  • Large-Scale Drupal Migration for Bridgeland

    We built Bridgeland.com from the ground up into a responsive Drupal 7 website with a parallax home page, over 400 blog posts, 3rd party integration with their lead management system and a user-friendly conte...

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  • Drupal Commerce for Washington's Green Grocer

    Since 2009, Inclind and Washington's Green Grocer have collaborated to provide the D.C. area with the most flexible grocery delivery service available. In 2014, the decision was made to upgrade their front-e...

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  • Community Drupal websites for Tunnell Companies

    Working with various incompatible systems to manage their diverse portfolio of websites had become a headache for Tunnell Companies. They came to us looking for a way to centralize their web maintenance.

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  • Redevelopment & Rebuild for Star Roses & Plants

    Star Roses & Plants came to us looking for a team of Drupal experts to help 'strategically develop a dynamic, robust consumer site.' Ah, yeeeaaah! It’s been a fabulous partnership ever since.

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  • SunEdison Integration for Delaware.coop

    Delaware Electric Coop called on us to create a user-friendly redesign of their site that incorporated visual data and integrated with their customer account software and the SunEdison API data from their so...

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  • High-traffic Scaling for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

    We’re proud to have worked with Dogfish Craft Head Brewery on site-wide integration with their accounting software and developing their relationship with customers through dynamic web applications.

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  • RETS Integration for Multiple Real Estate Sites

    Our location in southern Delaware has given us the opportunity to help many real estate brokerages that also provide property rentals. This has contributed to our experience and knowledge in integrating the ...

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