Hi, I'm Katie.

Hi! I'm Katie.

Headshot of Katie Callahan, Data Analyst

Katie Callahan

Data Analyst/Account Coordinator

Katie joins Inclind after 17 years in the travel industry with a passion for helping and growing businesses through data analysis. Katie leads our user experience analysis efforts while helping Inclind stay on track to reach our own personal business goals.

After graduating from the University of Delaware with an Economics degree Katie found herself in the travel industry quickly moving from a sales role to the Managing Director, and wearing many hats, which gave her experience in different areas of business development. Using her down time during Covid, Katie pursued her certification as a Data Analyst.

Moving between 6 different states in her twenties Katie finally found herself in her happy place at the Delaware beaches where she has settled with her husband and two kitties. When she’s not working you’ll likely find her planning her next trip somewhere, at the drive-on beach with friends, camping, going to a concert, biking or enjoying some other type of active adventure.

expertise: Business Development, Data Analytics Process, Data Collection, Data Analysis/Cleaning, Visualization/Presentation of Data, and Marketing Strategy

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