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Health and Wellness for Your Website? Yes, It’s A “Thing”

Most marketing teams and businesses think about their websites when it comes to the initial design or redesign, adding features or refreshing the look, feel and functionality, but once those jobs are executed, the expectation is that it will sit there happily drawing in the masses. And then suddenly something goes wrong or traffic plateaus or drops. That’s when the red flags go up.

Read on » Gets a Performance Reboot is the brainchild of Fred Sheffield, an entrepreneur and innovator who created an algorithm that pulls rental listing information and indexes it all on one website. Vacationers to the North Carolina and Virginia coasts use to search and request reservations for their perfect beach rental without visiting multiple websites. The website has grown exponentially in listings over the years but wasn’t scalable to meet user search demands. Fred was ready to take it to the next level of speed and expand the searching capabilities to better serve visitors and rental agencies.

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Signs You're in a Drupal Development Dead-End

The last thing you want to become in a relationship with your Drupal web developer is … stuck. It should be a fluid connection with many moving parts working together before, during and after your website launch.

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