Stuff about Drupal Development

Increase Engagement with a Customer Portal

Are you thinking beyond your Drupal website just being, well, a website? If your website simply functions as an internet brochure for your business, there are ways to leverage your website’s platform to improve engagement with your customers or simplify processes to make communication easier.

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Weighing the Benefits of Open Source Over Proprietary Content Management Solutions

Here at Inclind, it’s no secret that we’re crazy-big fans of the superhero-like software and content management systems provided by Drupal and WordPress. But we thought we’d point out why we feel open source software (OSS) is a much more viable option for businesses over proprietary, or closed source, software. And we’ll show you first-hand how we proved the benefits of converting from proprietary to open source with the Beebe Women’s Health website.

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Going Headless and Leveraging the Power of Decoupled Drupal to Create Powerful Web Applications

You might have heard the terms decoupled Drupal or the more sinister sounding headless Drupal - but what the heck does that mean? Basically, you can use the powerful Drupal 8 CMS with custom front-facing website that stands alone as opposed to having the theme and backend powered solely by Drupal.

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