Stuff about custom drupal modules

Improving Media Management in Drupal

The Media module is a heavily used module within the Drupal community which allows users to manage all media types. The default experience is extensive and powerful, but there are further ways to improve the actual user experience when it comes to managing files. Those improvements include multi-file uploads, improved media interface and better organization of files.

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Custom Publishing Options' Hits 1000 Installations!

Out of the box, Drupal comes with 3 workflow states for node types: Published, Sticky, and Promote to Frontpage. ‘Published’ is useful enough to control if content is visible to non-administrative users, but what if you want to mark content as Archived, Featured, or other custom statuses? You could add a Field on the content type, but that comes with some overhead to manage across multiple content types. Plus, you have to remember to remove it from the display, and set user permissions on the Field. That’s a lot of work for busy content creators!

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