Beebe Healthcare’s New Enterprise Website Puts the Patient First

Patient-first is a phrase we hear quite often these days when it comes to healthcare and rest-assured that Beebe Healthcare put these words into action when it came to redesigning their enterprise website. Beebe has been steadily growing to meet the needs of the growing population of Sussex County, Del. and, with that growth, came the need to create a new website experience that was completely patient-focused.

This project has been a long time coming. Inclind has been Beebe’s web development partner for 10 years, providing ongoing support on an aging Drupal platform. When the plans to upgrade and redesign started to become a real possibility, Beebe’s marketing team turned to Inclind for design and development.

The development team, including Shaun Tyndall, account manager, Kelsey Murphy, project coordinator, Nick Bumgarner, front end developer, Veronica Severyn, Drupal engineer and Amy Wood, UX designer, worked alongside Lyft, Beebe’s advertising and design agency, and Web Talent, who manages search engine marketing. The goal was to create a new website that checks all of the boxes for design, content management, user experience and performance.

“We have enjoyed a great partnership with Beebe for nearly a decade and this project is really the pinnacle of this partnership,” said Shaun Tyndall, Inclind’s founder and director. “We are honored to have the opportunity to work with Beebe’s marketing team to create a website that puts the patient’s experience first while contributing to the goal of better serving the healthcare needs of our community.”

Upgrade and Migrate

Old vs New Website

The project included an upgrade to Drupal 8 and a migration of five websites — Beebe Healthcare, Beebe Medical Group, Beebe Medical Foundation, Beebe Women’s Blog and Next Generation of Care and thousands of pages of content into one platform. A complete content re-architecture was guided by current user data so that pages that visitors accessed most were in the top level of the website’s navigation.

Blogs, articles, patient stories and the Beacon Magazine are merged and recategorized in the Health Hub. This Hub now serves as the main repository of health and condition-related content. Patients can visit the Health Hub to explore topics like diabetes management, wellness, and even find healthy recipes.

Doctor Search

Lightning Fast Searches

When you are rushing to your next doctor’s appointment and you forgot the address, just go to and search locations for quick access to get you where you’re going. The new website provides way easier access to information like finding locations, searching doctors and learning more about the services that Beebe offers.


Looking for a cardiologist or an endocrinologist? A more robust doctor search allows users to find Beebe Healthcare and Medical Group providers and cross references their practice locations. You can see articles by the docs and read their bios.

A speedy website is important to a better patient experience. Just like cutting down appointment wait times, Beebe wants to be sure the website serves up content quickly. Searches powered by Solr technology yield quick results. The site is fully optimized to be lightning fast — an important factor to search performance.

A Modern Design Evaluated by Patients

A modern mobile-friendly design reflects the Beebe brand and utilizes the Gutenberg content editor allowing the Beebe team to create visually appealing page layouts on the fly. Content is cross-populated so that services like cardiology show the providers in that service category, locations where the service is offered and articles related to that service.

To ensure a positive patient experience, actual Beebe patients and community members were brought in for testing and evaluation of the website and provided feedback on how they felt the website worked for the information they were seeking. That feedback was then reviewed and implemented. Patients will be asked to continue to provide input on the website experience to continue to evolve it to meet their needs.

Beebe Healthcare now has a robust and scalable Drupal 8 website that aligns with their brand, better serves the patient population and gives the internal marketing team more flexibility in creating content that speaks to patients and visitors.

“This website is really the culmination of many years of work and partnership between Beebe and Inclind,” said Rachel Swick Mavity, MS, project manager for the website redevelopment. “What we have launched is something I think all of Beebe and the community can be proud of and it is something that we can continue to build on and improve as we move forward.”

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Inclind Launches Beebe Healthcare's Enterprise Website

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