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Preparing for Drupal 7 End-of-Life in 2021

It was recently announced that Drupal 7 will no longer be supported as of November 2021 which sent up a big firestorm throughout the Drupal community. If your website is in Drupal 7, you may not be feeling concerned since 2021 sure feels far away, right? Well, if your website is on the D7 platform, you might want to start making plans and getting the budget together to make a migration. There are a lot of websites that will need to be upgraded and if you get down to the wire, you could be competing for your developer’s time and attention to make this move.

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Inclind Ranks as a Clutch Top 1000 Company

Here at Inclind, we have had an amazing year, between working with new clients, evolving our current clients' websites and finding and implementing new technology solutions — we are thrilled with all we have accomplished. We also have been focusing on our own brand, messaging and online presence, which included a renewed partnership with Clutch. On our Clutch profile this year alone, we have added 8 new reviews, and, out of the 11 reviews we have, we have a 4.9 out of 5 stars. It's hard to get much better than that.

Due to this renewed effort and our amazing reviews, we have qualified as a Clutch Top 1000 Company! We have been a continual leader on their Drupal Web Development directory all year long, and are the leading web developer in Delaware, not an easy feat! This newest accolade, being a top 1000 company on their site, is just another amazing way to end 2018!

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Check Us Out on Clutch

Here at Inclind, we are inclined to declare ourselves great at what we do! We are proud of the work we produce and want to talk about it and show it off. That is normal for any company, but to prove that we are not biased, and our clients are just as pleased with our work as we are, we have started a new partnership. We are happy to announce our official partnership with Clutch, the Washington DC go to company for all things ratings and reviews related.

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Our New Cantilever Plugin is Improving the Way Developers Use Terminus

Look at us, connecting with the developer community with our very own plugin! Phil Everton, a developer here at Inclind, created a plugin for Patheon’s Terminus named Cantilever, that’s able to run commands on multiple sites at the same time instead of tediously sifting through each individual site to run commands.

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Increase Engagement with a Customer Portal

Are you thinking beyond your Drupal website just being, well, a website? If your website simply functions as an internet brochure for your business, there are ways to leverage your website’s platform to improve engagement with your customers or simplify processes to make communication easier.

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Our PSA on PWAs

How Progressive Web Apps Are Changing the Internet Scene – And You May Not Even Know It

Anything that has the word “progressive” tagged onto it has got to be a good thing when it comes to web design, right? Actually, it’s better than good, when it’s progressive web apps – or PWAs, as we geeks call them.

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Going the distance at #DIW16

Delaware Innovation Week 2016

Because a day just isn’t enough for all of this superhuman brainpower, the first state (that’s Delaware, for our tourists) brings it in for a weeklong huddle, geek style, during Delaware Innovation Week in Wilmington, Del, Nov. 11-19. And two of our very own were there to represent team Inclind. #DIW16

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National Startup Day 2016

Sen. Tom Carper stops in for National Startup Day

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DrupalCon 2016

May means DrupalCon in NOLA

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Talk Shop, Shopify that is

Inclind earns Shopify Expert status: what that means for the web agency, consumers and potential clients

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Veronica Severyn joins our team

Veronica is a graduate of Wilmington University with Masters degree in web development who has joined our ranks making an awesome addition to our team.

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Custom Publishing Options' Hits 1000 Installations!

Out of the box, Drupal comes with 3 workflow states for node types: Published, Sticky, and Promote to Frontpage. ‘Published’ is useful enough to control if content is visible to non-administrative users, but what if you want to mark content as Archived, Featured, or other custom statuses? You could add a Field on the content type, but that comes with some overhead to manage across multiple content types. Plus, you have to remember to remove it from the display, and set user permissions on the Field. That’s a lot of work for busy content creators!

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