We’ve moved! But we’re still here for you.

Change is good. And it was time for us to make one to the address of our brick-and-mortar location at Inclind. After all, it’s what we do for clients: refresh, re-evaluate, rebrand and renew their online presence. So, why not us?

That’s why we decided it was best to downsize and move our headquarters to 119 West Third St. in Lewes, Del. This way, we still have a physical office in which to meet up, but we can also focus on working from our 12 staff offices, remotely, to serve our growing roster of clients that extends from the coastal Delmarva peninsula to the nearby metro areas of Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia and beyond.

In 2006, we renovated 208 West Market Street, our former agency headquarters, because a surplus of our business was centralized on the Delmarva peninsula and, generally, we could meet up with those clients in person.

Over the years, that’s changed. Our business has grown beyond our coastal area, where we live and work, so we’ve progressively utilized online meeting platforms with our clients. Plus, our team of developers and creatives at Inclind work remotely from home offices throughout the East Coast – from Pennsylvania to South Carolina.

But, although we all still work and communicate virtually in a web cloud, we still realize the value of a physical home base, where our door is open to you. Where we are available to meet face-to-face with our clients – to be available to continue our commitment to building a meaningful, transparent relationship with our clients, which may include worthy discussion, a handshake – even a high-five. That hasn’t changed. And never will.

Contact us for a guided tour through our new digs.

We've Moved! (Map of southern Delaware with Lewes indicated)

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