Our Spam Combat Strategy Keeps Your Website Secure

We’re like Internet ninjas when it comes to spam combat. Spam never sees us coming and never knows what hit them.

The way of the future in spam security is strengthened through machine learning, or security technology that protects users from a wide range of threats, and here at Inclind, we’re staying a step ahead for our clients as part of ongoing support and maintenance. We used to rely on the Honeypot module to block spam, but no longer. Honeypot seems to be slacking in its security muscle and letting too much spam slide through.

So how do we now flex our muscles for the sake of securing your Drupal website? It’s with our knockout anti-spam combination, which arms your website with:

Google’s Invisible Captcha

Google’s new invisible captcha killed the robot captcha last year and allows for spam protection in the background. Turns out robots were getting better at clicking that captcha box than humans. The new invisible captcha, however, better analyzes and categorizes behavior as human user or machine – and all behind the scenes.


For sites that require additional protection, the invisible captcha is then beefed up with Antibot, a module on the Drupal platform that prevents the site from being accessed until it detects any human interaction at all, such as mouse movement.

Can we get a high-five on that?

If you’d like us to design a spam combat plan to protect your site, connect with us.

Spam doesn't have a chance again Inclind ant-spam ninjas

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